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Deutsches Historisches Museum Dresden. Von Genen und Menschen

molitor curates, designs and organises exhibitions and projects for the worlds of art, culture and science, and develops innovative products in the field of exhibition technology.


  • Molitor feiert 22, Geburtstag

    22 years of molitor!

    molitor was founded exactly 22 years ago in Berlin-Kreuzberg. […]

  • Competition won!

    Our playful, interactive concept for the design of a children’s exhibition at the German Blade Museum in Solingen convinced the competition jury. […]

  • Exhibition Opening at the Humboldt Forum

    Beginning 12.10.23, a selection of objects from the Ethnological Museum’s Korea Collection will be on view. […]


Zoo Berlin, Reich der Jäger

How do you stay as close to the concept as possible when turning an idea into reality?
We reconsider this question with every new project.

The key to our work is to consult with the customer so that we can transform themes, ideas, thoughts, dreams and visions into tangible experiences.

The content determines which format is the right choice: is it a work of art or an exhibition, media or a historical object, high-tech or low-tech, interactive or just to be observed, funny or serious?


Zoo Berlin, Reich der Jäger

In our manufacturing workshops we assemble the AP 01 audio player, produce the USO, VIA and PLUX handsets and construct exhibits.

We take on every processing step from concept, design, prototype manufacturing, production, assembly, programming and commissioning to maintenance.

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