Leander Personenleitsystem




With years of experience in the productionof exhibitions and exhibition technology, we have developed a range of products specifically designed for the particular requirements of the exhibition and trade show sector. We manufacture these in low-volume production runs. For special applications, we also create customized solutions in close cooperation with ourcustomers.

In Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, our offices are located under one roof together with the company’s own workshops. Here we carry out assembly and final inspection of our AP 01 and MP 01 media players, the MP 02 4K player, and all our handsets. Unlike high-volume mass production, all models of our VIA, PLUX, and USO series are made by hand with great care. This means that each individual unit represents innovative robust technology and precise craftsmanship in equal measure. As most of our suppliers are also located in Berlin, we can implement custom variants of our products quickly and easily.

In our media technology workshop, the controls, media equipment, and mechanical components of exhibits are brought together and produced in coordination with the client as a single piece or in a low-volume batch. We handle all phases from initial design and planning to prototype construction, production, assembly, programming, commissioning, and maintenance. For special requests, we can also draw on our large network of specialists. We manufacture pedestals, display cases, and small exhibits in our wood workshop. We also make furniture and housings for exhibits. In our wood workshop, we also create sculptural objects from all kinds of materials such as plaster, cast resin, and polystyrene.