Curiosity, the joy of experimenting and thirst for knowledge spur us.
We want to provide special experiences and lasting impressions for people,
broaden horizons and give new impetus.

Martin Müller and Michael Zeyfang founded molitor in 2001 in order to organise exhibitions and art projects relating to the visual arts, theatre and dance. Michael Zeyfang previously worked as an opera and theatre director, whilst Martin Müller was a theatre and event technology engineer and organised works of art and exhibitions.

In 2007, architect and scenographer Marco Unterhaslberger moved from the art department at Studio Babelsberg to become the third managing partner at Schlesische Strasse. The conception and design of exhibitions has been one of their main focuses since then. In 2010, molitor expanded into a new field with the development of products for exhibitions. One year later, the USO handset was their first product to be launched onto the market.

By then, more than 30 salaried and freelance employees were working on accomplishing more intensive and more sensory exhibitions in the areas of art, museums, themed worlds and memorial sites. molitor and its international network are home to experts for routine tasks and specialists from all divisions – after all, customers who have unusual projects on their books also require exceptional people and set-ups.



We do not feel constricted to a particular agency style, but rather offer a unique approach for each specific project. For this to happen, we put together a special team that is tailored to the customer’s individual requirements. When it comes to project development, we have a wide-ranging network and diverse expertise in areas such as design, technology, planning and conception.

Since molitor covers the entire spectrum of technical production, from the actual production and design to feasibility studies, we are equally familiar with the world of science, the language of creativity and technical implementation. In this way, we are able to act as a mediator between the various parties involved on behalf of our clients.

What starts out as an abstract idea is translated into sensory experiences via fun interactions, exciting media exhibits and coordinated scenography.

With our own research department, we are constantly working on the development of new exhibition technologies and products. Good design, intuitive handling, reliable technology and sustainable production are our top priorities here.



molitor works as a team of salaried and freelance employees from academic, commercial and trade disciplines, specialising in concept development, design, planning, project management, product marketing, workshops and manufacturing.

The team members come from the fields of architecture, scenography, product and communication design, business administration, art, cultural and media studies, media technology, media production, programming, product development, engineering, electronics, mechanics, metalwork, woodwork, equipment and object installation.




We are always looking for innovative minds, not only from the fields of exhibition design, architecture, graphic and product design, exhibit construction, metalwork, woodwork, media technology and exhibit installation but employees for project management and project organisation too.

If you are interested in a position, please send us detailed information as a PDF file by email.

contact e-mail:
contact person: Kirsten Lenk


For students and young professionals, we offer project-related placements in various areas.
The internships usually last between 3 and 6 months.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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