Self-expressing and self-rhyming

Date: 10/2020 – 10/2021

Location: Marbach

Client: Arno Schmidt Stiftung

Writer, poet and lyricist Peter Rühmkorf lived on the Elbe River in Hamburg for many years, but his estate of manuscripts has been residing in the German Literature Archive (DLA) in Marbach since 1980. The Schiller National Museum in Marbach was therefore selected as the second venue, after the Altonaer Museum in Hamburg, to host the temporary exhibition “Let it shine! Peter Rühmkorf: 90th anniversary”. For the exhibition’s time in Marbach, the title includes the addition “self-expressing and self-rhyming”.
Textile panels have also been used to construct rooms within the existing rooms, completely transforming the historic exhibition space.

The large wall installation “Selbst III/88” (Self III/88), which illustrates Rühmkorf’s complex creative process, was redeveloped to fit the proportions of the Schiller Museum.
molitor was responsible for all phases of design and implementation planning as well as production management, in collaboration with Friedrich Forssman and Susanne Fischer of the Arno Schmidt Foundation.
Photos: © Chris Korner, DLA Marbach

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