Zugabe – Schlosspavillon Potsdam

Date: 12/2012 – 06/2014

Location: Potsdam

Client: Florian Dombois

“Zugabe” by artist Florian Dombois is an “art-in-architecture” project to commemorate the opening of the new Brandenburg state parliament. Two miniature pavilions based on the facade of Sanssouci Palace are to be constructed in the castle courtyard, with one pavilion a quarter of the size of the other. The cross-shaped layout of the pavilion gives it the character of an architectural model and reduces the construction to its facades. These are contrasted with the photorealistic surfaces: each decorative element in the ¬rococo structure initially appears as three-dimensional and only reveals itself to be a skilful illusion upon walking around the pavilion.

With this trompe-l’œil, Florian Dombois declares his stance regarding the new City Palace, which hides a modern, functional building behind a Baroque facade. molitor is supporting the artist in the planning phase and will construct the pavilions in partnerships with experts from the fields of skeleton construction, metal construction, painting and masonry.

Pictures: © molitor / Christian Kommer

Zugabe - Schlosspavillon Potsdam
Zugabe - Schlosspavillon Potsdam
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