Zoo Berlin teaser stations

Zoo Berlin
Zoo Berlin
Zoo Berlin

Date: 11/2918 – 01/2019

Location: Berlin

Client: Zoologischer Garten Berlin AG

Since 1 August 2019, Zoo Berlin has been celebrating its 175th anniversary year. molitor was tasked with the design, development and production of twelve “teaser stations” that give visitors a look back over the zoo’s eventful history – including how the zoo has grown, how its buildings have changed, and how animal-keeping conditions have been constantly improving. The slender panels are placed at prominent locations throughout the zoo, each one displaying a photograph from history that can be directly compared with the present-day view. The historical photos were analysed to make sure that each teaser station sits at the exact spot where the original picture was taken.

In addition to the selection of location and images, molitor was also commissioned with creating the German text and having it translated into English. The teaser stations are made from steel beams and folded sheet steel. The steel frame is delicate yet stable. The photograph is set between two glass panes, which provide the image with protection and backlighting. A new sealing method was developed especially for this project to ensure long-term protection against the elements for the bilingual text and Zoo Berlin’s brand mark.

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