Wielandgut Oßmannstedt

Date: 06/2021 – 09/2022

Location: Oßmannstedt bei Weimar

Client: Arno Schmidt Stiftung

Christoph Martin Wieland (1733-1813) was an important Enlightenment-era writer. Together with Goethe, Schiller and Herder, he is considered one of the four key participants in the Weimar Classicism movement.
Wieland spent several productive years from 1797 to 1803 on his estate in Oßmannstedt, some ten kilometres northeast of Weimar.
A permanent exhibition dedicated to the writer is now open to the public in the historic living quarters of his former estate. The exhibition was redesigned by Friedrich Forssman to mark the 250th anniversary of the Wieland’s arrival in Weimar.

The exhibition focuses on four of Wieland’s main disciplines: an author of novels, a political journalist, a chronicler of the French Revolution and a translator.
Despite Wieland’s extensive literary legacy, the exhibition does not overwhelm visitors with volumes of text. Instead, it takes a pleasingly restrained approach: images and text panels are mounted on delicate orange-red pedestals, leaving the overall impression of the historic rooms in this listed building undisturbed. molitor was responsible for the planning and production management of the exhibition’s sections, construction, graphic production, media technology and exhibit presentation.

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