Ts’uu – Cedar. Of Trees and People

Date: 05/2022 – 09/2022

Location: Humboldt Forum, Berlin

Client: Humboldt Forum

Canada has the third largest forest area in the world, which has provided a home for animals, plants and people for thousands of years. The cedar trees of the Canadian coastal rainforests have a special importance for the First Nations living there, who use the wood to make a wide range of everyday and ceremonial objects. The trees also play a central role in many cultural practices and traditions.
From the 18th century onwards, European colonisation forced the First Nations out of these coastal rainforests. At the same time, the habitat was being destroyed by the advent of industrial forestry – destruction that continues to this day.
What happens when such a highly developed ecosystem gets thrown off balance?

This is the question that TheGreenEyl’s special exhibition Ts’uu – Cedar. Of Trees and People at the Humboldt Forum tries to answer, while also shedding light on the effects of colonisation and the resurgence of First Nations communities.
The exhibition was developed in collaboration with the Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay in British Columbia, Canada.
molitor was responsible for the exhibition’s construction.

Fotos: ©molitor GmbH, Amelie Schlicht

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