The value of clothing

Date: 02/2021 – 12/2021

Location: Bomann-Museum, Celle

Client: Arno Schmidt Stiftung

The Bomann Museum in Celle, Lower Saxony, takes a special approach in its latest exhibition on Arno Schmidt, presenting more than 1,000 items of clothing purchased over six decades by the writer and his wife Alice under the title “Vom Wert der Kleidung” (The Value of Clothing).
The collection has special cultural-historical value and includes garments of all kinds from various decades. The focus here is not so much on fancy clothes for special occasions as it is on well-loved and well-worn everyday items.
Eight biographical stations recount the life of author and translator Arno Schmidt and his wife Alice – their childhood and youth, their early years of marriage in Silesia, their escape and the years of travel that followed until they finally settled in the hamlet of Bargfeld near Celle in 1958.

The exhibition, which presents all sorts of clothing from underwear to winter coats, is also a documentation of the couple’s personal journey through six decades of their lives.
A further eight stations are dedicated to “the value of clothing” and display many carefully mended, altered and second-hand garments. The exhibits tell special stories about the author, his wife and their life in the countryside: the fur coat from the GDR, for example, or the swimsuit with its swimming badge.
molitor was responsible for the planning and production management of this special exhibition.

Fotos: © Jochen Voos, molitor GmbH

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