Bebra border station

Date: 04/2021 – 02/2022

Location: Bebra

Client: Magistrat der Stadt Bebra

Since 2021, the former waiting rooms of the historic station building in Bebra have housed an exhibition designed by Klemens Kühn.
Opened in 1848, this railway station in central Germany quickly became one of the German Empire’s most important transport hubs. After the end of the Second World War and the resulting division of Germany, it assumed a new role as an important East-West border station – which would remain its function for the duration of the Cold War.

The exhibition focuses on those who travelled through and worked at the station, with recreations of the original rooms inviting visitors to take a journey through time and explore the border station’s eventful history.
The film installation “Eyewitnesses on Film”, for example, presents 16 people with very different perspectives – railway workers, border guards, travellers, etc. – who recall their personal experiences at the station and the border.

Photos: ©Steven Kunz

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