Opening of the touring exhibition »Haut, Stein«

Haut Stein Weimar
Haut Stein
Haut Stein Weimar

molitor was responsible for planning and installing according to the concept of the dutch design office Kummer&Herrmann the outdoor touring exhibition “Haut, Stein” (Skin, Stone) by photographer Jakob Ganslmeier and Exit-Deutschland, which stays on location for just six weeks at a time. From 18 May 2021, the exhibition will then be on display at Nikolaiplatz in Nordhausen. Afterwards, it will continue to tour around Germany.

Die Ausstellung nimmt den Umgang mit nationalsozialistischen Symbolen in den Blick und hinterfragt das Verbleiben, Verwenden und Verwischen einschlägiger Zeichen aus zwei Perspektiven:

The exhibition takes a look at the use of National Socialist symbols and questions the persistence, use and removal of such symbols from two perspectives:
In public spaces, architecture and structural ornamentation, the symbolism of National Socialism still persists, while as tattoos, such symbols are used to display an individual’s commitment to right-wing extremism.

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