Opening of the new permanent exhibition at the Graf Luxburg Museum in Aschach on 10 July 2020

Graf-Luxburg-Museum, Aschach

From the very beginning, the aim was to make this historic living space appear as authentic as possible. Everything is designed to give the impression that the residents are still living there and have simply stepped out of the room for a moment. Through the staging of furnishings and individual objects and the use of sound installation, shadow projections and new media, the exhibition creates flashbacks and windows into the past while also bringing the rooms back to life in the present. Following this premise, it was important that the informative museum elements did not occupy a more prominent position than the exhibit. Instead, the aim was to enable visitors to embark on a voyage of discovery and to explore the castle world themselves. This is why the history of the rooms and their inhabitants is told in an almost incidental way.

Albums containing photographs and quotes from letters revive the past and allow the castle’s former residents to speak in their own words. The overall impression of the space remains undisturbed: maps and books can be perused and read – often while seated. The gallery rooms stand in contrast to the authentic living spaces: Here, some of the most valuable items from the von Luxburg family’s estate are presented – well-lit and without any distracting ornamentation, so as to ensure the focus remains on the outstanding beauty of the exhibits.
The District of Lower Franconia jointly commissioned Bertron Schwarz Frey and molitor with the design of the Graf Luxburg Museum’s new exhibition.

Photos: © Alexander Mengel, Gerhard Nixdorf

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