»Der Mönch war’s« (It was the monk) interactive exhibition opens in Wittenberg, Germany

We become witnesses to a radical change in the course history with a journey through time to the Wittenberg of 31 October 1517, the day on which Martin Luther supposedly put up his 95 theses at the main entrance of the castle church, thereby initiating the Reformation. We follow Luther through the day and the city, exploring the various settings: the monastery, university, market, castle church and city gate and are able to follow the person or mood of the day thanks to the interactive stations.

Through sound, smell, image, language, music and narrative, a multi-layered impression of events that appeals to adults and children alike is conveyed. molitor takes on the tasks of audio design, tendering and contracting, exhibition layout, exhibition graphics, the exhibition concept, exhibition planning, exhibit planning, lighting planning, media planning, production management and scenography.

molitor berlin