Care before listening. Hygiene advice for our customers of handsets

VIA Einhandhörer basalt

Although it is considered unlikely to be infected with the corona virus through contact with surfaces (source: German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment BfR), we recommend regular disinfection of our handsets in addition to the indispensable hand washing. In addition to cleaning with customary soap-based cleaning agents, all surfaces of VIA, USO and PLUX tolerate disinfectants with a rapid virucidal effect.
To ensure that visitors can use the media station without hesitation, a dispenser box with pre-soaked disinfectant wipes can be provided at the listening station.

In this way, the users themselves can wipe the surface to be certain of using a hygienically harmless product.

Together against corona – stay healthy!

Best wishes

PS: Now available from molitor as add-on to our guidance system LEANDER: holder for disinfectant and pump dispenser bottle with disinfectant produced in Berlin.

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