World of senses

Date: 11/2016 – 02/2018

Location: Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden

Client: Stiftung Deutsches Hygiene-Museum

After welcoming over one million visitors in more than 13 successful years of operation, the children’s museum of the five senses, developed by molitor, has been completely redesigned. By claiming to be an inclusive exhibition accessible to people with all kinds of cognitive, physical and sensory impairments, molitor is curating and creating an adventure world for children between the ages of five and twelve, as well as for their parents and grandparents. Besides offering accessibility to the physically disabled, sign language monitors, audio stations and simple language provide broad access to content.

Following an extensive analysis of the use of space, the exhibition has been comprehensively optimised for groups and individual visitors. The exhibits on show are set to be renewed and largely redesigned. Highlights include the large, expandable sensory organs featuring a tactile model and animated film. In addition, one exhibit representing each sensory organ from the collection offers a meaningful connection to the permanent exhibition and familiarises the children with the purpose of the museum.

Photos: © Oliver Killig

molitor berlin