Wolf Information Centre at Schorfheide

Date: 11/2016 – 12/2018

Location: Schorfheide OT Groß Schönebeck

Client: Bertron Schwarz Frey

The wolf is back! For around 20 years, the legendary predator has been moving back into the east of Germany and is continuing to spread. The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation estimates that there are currently around 60 packs. With an increasing population, the interest and the need for objective information about wolves is also rising, not only amongst natural scientists. Above all, humans were responsible for the fact that wolves almost became extinct at the beginning of the 20th century. In Schorfheide in Brandenburg, an on-site specialist centre is now responsible for issues surrounding wolves – which are now strictly protected across Europe – and the possibilities for pack conservation. In future, this place should help the wolf gain greater acceptance among the population with objective education. The Centre makes an important contribution to the dialogue between opponents and supporters of wolf conservation.

With the artistic direction provided by bertron-schwarz-frey, part of the commission assigned to molitor is planning an elaborate access ramp, the attic extension for the exhibition rooms and the structural modernisation. The wolf is shown in action on an large interactive video wall: the predators’ graceful silhouettes can be seen sharing their habitat with people. Scenes showing wolf behaviour such as affection and submission can be activated via a light spot in the floor. The exhibition then goes on to cover the most important issues surrounding contact with wolves, the animal’s biology and clarifying facts about the history of the predator that had died out 150 years ago in Germany. A map of Brandenburg, displayed horizontally in the room, shows where the animals live.

Photos: © SYNTOP

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