Wieland, Goethe, Schmidt:
A Showcase Exhibition

Date: 06/2013 – 09/2014

Location: Wielandgut, Oßmannstedt

Client: Arno Schmidt Stiftung

The special exhibition on show at the Wieland Estate in Ossmannstedt, which commemorates the 100th birthday of Arno Schmidt, examines his relationship with Christoph Martin Wieland and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as a representative of ‘Weimar Classicism’. Although there are no original exhibits, its impact evolves purely through the interplay of large-scale transparent screens, text boxes, audio recordings and animated text.

In the garden hall, a listed building, molitor is building a room-in-room installation without encroaching on the structure. It is made of a minimalistic black steel framework that carries a black display band all the way round featuring back-lit texts and images.

Pictures: © molitor

molitor berlin