What is work?

Date: 04/2020 – 05/2022

Location: Dortmund

Client: Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin

DASA in Dortmund is home to Germany’s largest exhibition on the world of work. The museum presents ten working worlds – examining them from the perspective of the past, present and future and looking at how they are tailored to human requirements. molitor has been responsible for the redesign and planning of a large part of the permanent exhibition.
The DASA entrance lobby doubles up as a so-called “information centre”, exploring the question: “What is work?”
While this exhibition area still forms part of the welcome experience, it also serves to provide visitors with their first encounter of the central theme of the DASA Working World Exhibition: “People – Work – Technology”.

The information centre is intended to generate an open, curious and inquisitive attitude towards the question “What is work and what does it look like in the different countries of the world?”, preparing visitors for their exploration of various fields of work in the permanent exhibition.
The highlight of this exhibition is provided by two paternoster lift display cases, which present various objects from the world of work in succession via cogwheels.
These objects represent specific questions such as: “Who invented work?” “Can work commit murder”? and “Is work now only for robots?”.
In order to examine the objects displayed on the vertical conveyor belt, visitors must get to work themselves and operate the machines by turning a crank.

Photos: ©molitorGmbH, ©Andreas Wahlbrink, DASA

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