Whale Bells

Date: 06/2022 – 07/2022

Location: Futurium, Berlin

Client: Futurium GmbH

„Whale Bells“ is a collaborative sculptural and sonic project by artists Jenny Kendler and Andrew Bearnot. The artwork will be on display at the Futurium in Berlin for the next few years.
The Whale Bells themselves are handblown glass instruments, the bells` clappers are made from ear bones of a long extinct species of whale, the rorqual. Their descendants living today, the humpback whales, are massively threatened with extinction.

The artwork symbolises the conflict caused by human intervention in nature.
The sound of the bells is intended as a reminder that the exploitation of the earth and the associated extinction of species must stop.
molitor is responsible for the assembly of the total of 8 bells.

Fotos: ©molitor GmbH, Amelie Schlicht

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