Vorwerksbrauerei Graba

Date: 11/2018 – 06/2019

Location: Saalfeld

Client: Stadtverwaltung Saalfeld/Saale

Saalfeld’s former beer cellars bear witness to the town’s long brewing history, which dates back over 100 years. molitor was commissioned by Saalfeld town council to make the beer cellar of the Vorwerksbrauerei Graba brewery accessible to visitors and to design a small exhibition about the “amber nectar”, its production and storage.
A special feature of this beer cellar is its “ice dome”, which stored the ice that was collected in the winter and used to keep the beer cool year round. The exhibition highlights this feature through the use of a sound installation. Surrounded by natural noises and synthetic sounds, visitors move through the cold atmosphere of the ice cellar.

The damp, cool air of the cellar presented a logistical challenge when constructing the exhibition furniture and displaying the exhibits. All furniture – such as the barrel racks, benches and tables – are made out of burnished, oiled oak and enamelled steel. The illustrations are printed on enamel, and historical photographs are framed in a light box to provide backlit visual material.
Since 2019, guests on Saalfeld tours are now able to visit the beer cellar of the Vorwerksbrauerei Graba. At the end of the tour, visitors can sample original Saalfeld beers from the local brewery in these historical surroundings.

Fotos: © Ron Helbig©molitor GmbH

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