Verbosity. World of Knowledge and
Experience in Bad Hersfeld

Date: 12/2010 – 02/2012

Location: wortreich, Bad Hersfeld

Client: Erlebniskontor GmbH

molitor is developing the exhibition architecture and graphic design of the “Verbosity” interactive exhibition on communication and language on behalf of Petri & Tiemann GmbH. The “Verbosity” exhibition is based on the two most famous figures to come out of Bad Hersfeld: Konrad Duden, who published the first comprehensive dictionary of the German language, and Konrad Zuse, who invented the first computer.

The fictitious character “Konrad” leads visitors through the exhibition and invites them to overcome their own linguistic barriers by trying things out and getting involved, becoming more familiar with their own communication. Visitors can also immerse themselves in a book and experience the variety of speech and communication through 90 interactive participation stations. In eleven chapters designed to reflect the relevant topics, visitors of all ages can learn in an educational and fun way via spatial elements inspired by pop-up books and large-scale elements from classic book design through an edutainment concept.

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