The “former inner German border” educational institution

Date: 08/2016 – 11/2018

Location: Neustadt b. Coburg

Client: Stadtverwaltung Neustadt b. Coburg Bereich KST

The traces of the former inner German border, which divided the country during the Cold War, can still be seen over a quarter of century later. The border fortifications in Neustadt bei Coberg remind visitors of the fates of people behind the Iron Curtain. The physical boundary fundamentally changed people’s living situations. Existing traffic routes and economic relationships were destroyed, and the families and friends living in the border zone were divided. Strict border controls prevented personal encounters. The residents of places close to the border like Görsdorf and Liebau were especially affected, with enforced resettlement. Six months after the wall fell, the “Gebrannte Brücke” (burned bridge) in the district of Coburg became a place steeped in history: this was where the agreement to eliminate border controls on the inner German border was signed on 1 July 1990.

With the “former inner German border” educational institution, the region now has a new culture and education centre which takes visitors back in time and still signifies the country for the region today. The permanent multi-media exhibition is a showcase for the region.
After winning a design competition, molitor developed the concept, planned and produced the permanent exhibition in the “former inner German border” educational institution in Neustadt bei Coburg.

Photos: © Benjamin Dahl/molitor

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