Steigerwald Centre

Date: 06/2014 – 10/2014

Location: Steigerwald, Oberschwarzach

Client: Trägerverein Steigerwald-Zentrum – Nachhaltigkeit erleben e.V.

The Steigerwald region is characterised by its wealth of beech trees and mixed woodland. The Steigerwald centre illustrates the sustainability measures that aim to maintain this rich biodiversity, using forestry and the use of wood as an example.

In the new visitor centre at the edge of the woods, molitor is managing the construction of exhibits and the set-up of the permanent exhibition. Outside, this includes the substructure for the presentation of a beech tree’s crown, numerous interactive exhibits and multimedia elements.

Pictures: © Trägerverein Steigerwald-Zentrum – Nachhaltigkeit erleben e. V. / Constanze Haissig

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