[Sound] listening to the world

Date: 02/2018 – 03/2018

Location: Berlin

Client: Humboldt Forum Kultur GmbH

For sixth months, the 3rd and 4th floors of the Humboldt Box at the Humboldt Forum were home to the [SOUND] LISTENING TO THE WORLD exhibition. Historical recording devices and media, as well as various interactive stations, gave visitors an introduction to the techniques of sound recording and playback. Using historical sound recordings, photographs, documents, art installations and artefacts placed in context, cultures were explored through sound.

Soundwalks, film events, an academic conference, concerts and other formats went into more depth on the questions raised by the exhibition, bringing them into the present. The exhibition also included accessible installations for those with visual impairments. In addition, a read-aloud function made all texts in the exhibition available audibly, and they were also offered in simple language. Molitor was responsible for the planning and realisation of the technical installations on the 3rd floor.

Fotos: © Christian Schuck/molitor

molitor berlin