Saurierpark Kleinwelka Dinosaur Park –
A Forgotten World

Date: 11/2013 – 09/2014

Location: Kleinwelka

Client: Beteiligungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft Bautzen mbH

In partnership with the operators of the dinosaur park, molitor is developing an adventure trail in an area designed to look like an abandoned research station that features do not enter signs and barbed wire fences to make it look like a high-security area. When entering the area, the visitors’ imagination is piqued by various noises such as snapping branches and the squawks of dinosaurs. Vibrations in the ground support the illusion of being in a prohibited area populated by dinosaurs. In addition to the acoustic and physical sensations, the smell of their excrement also indicates the presence of mighty beasts. In the thick undergrowth, visitors finally come across the carcass of a dinosaur that was killed in a battle with a larger one of its kind.

molitor is planning and implementing the redesign of the park area. With a combination of various sensations and appealing to different senses, the park makes it possible to bring the fear of these unknown, dangerous creatures sown by literature and film to life when wandering through the research station. In this way, the static dinosaur exhibits in the park are given a dramatic added extra that brings the ancient creatures to life, specifically because of their hidden nature.

Pictures: © molitor / Jens Möller, Sonja Zeyfang; © Saurierpark Kleinwelka / Beteiligungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft Bautzen mbH

Saurierpark Kleinwelka - Vergessene Welt
Saurierpark Kleinwelka - Vergessene Welt
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