Russian Champagne House

Date: 07/2016 – 11/2017

Location: Augusteum, Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Client: Stiftung Luthergedenkstätten Sachsen-Anhalt

A former tsar’s estate in Abrau Dyurso, located on the shores of the Black Sea, is to become a modern production facility for sparkling wine as of 2006, building on the region’s centuries-old winemaking tradition. The Russian Champagne House visitor centre is also in the planning phase. This will inform visitors of the history and techniques involved in making sparkling wines

and will familiarise them with the various myths related to wine. molitor has been commissioned with the task of designing the exhibition for the historic tour in cooperation with Hugo Schaer of SCHAERODEASSA. Due to the fact that the renovation work still had planning permission pending, the project is yet to be completed.

Design sketches: © Hugo Schaer

molitor berlin