Rockheim Museum of Popular Music

Date: 02/2016 – 09/2016

Location: Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Norwegen

Client: MIST - Museene i Sør-Trøndelag, avd Rockheim

molitor is planning and creating a showcase for the Museum of Popular Music in Trondheim (Norway) that will allow maximum flexibility in terms of product presentation. Based on the design specifications of the designer Daniel Richards, molitor is developing an L-shaped showcase with spotlights on the ceiling and floor as well as a grid of holding and hanging points on the floor, wall and ceiling. In conjunction with the subtle, adjustable exhibits holders, these exhibition items can be installed at any height on the wall. Consequently, it is possible to build a freely combinable, seemingly floating three-dimensional exhibit landscape within the showcase.

The lighting tracks enable the spot lamps to be moved around, which can generate a variety of lighting moods. These can be flexibly controlled in terms of light intensity, colour and focus via touchscreens on the media stations of the showcases, which can create anything from museum-style presentation to stage-like production, and in which individual exhibits can be singled out as “stars of the exhibition”. As the curator is able to determine the setting of individual parameters for the visitors, the showcase gains an additional interactive potential, which can be used for a multiperspective feature.

Fotos: © molitor / Jochen Voos

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