Renaturing the river Queich between the Schneiderstraße and Queichanger Streets

Date: 08/2017 – 09/2017

Location: Landau

Client: Landau in der Pfalz Town Council

The partial renaturation of the Queich, an almost 52 km-long tributary of the Upper Rhine, between Schneiderstrasse and Queichanger in Landau, began in 2017.
Parallel to the natural, straight course of the river, a second, near-natural arm of the Queich is being created and planted. This area will feature a footpath, water-themed activity circuit and play area. The water-themed activity circuit, in particular, is intended to become a popular location for extra-curricular and extramural teaching.

molitor has taken over responsibility for developing the outdoor exhibits for this course. This is the first time a new printing process particularly suitable for outdoor use will be deployed. With direct printing on powder-coated sheet metal and subsequent transparent protective powder coating, a technology is available that can also meet high requirements in terms of weather resistance.

Photos: © Martin Würger

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