Religion as a Powerhouse.
People and Belief in God

Date: 06/2008 – 09/2010

Location: Deutsches Hygienemuseum Dresden

Client: Stiftung Deutsches Hygienemuseum Dresden

The exhibition examines the significance of God, belief and religion in the present day. Despite secularisation and dwindling congregations, there still seems to be a deep need for spirituality and knowing one’s place in the world. Both are served by new variations on religion that are gaining influence in political and social spheres. This is the starting point for an examination of particularly powerful cultures of faith and possible types of mutual acceptance in democratic and pluralistic societies.

molitor is designing a rugged terrain made from grey felt on a metal floor, from which the exhibits rise up. Narrow and wide paths, different levels and perspectives all contribute to the dramatic narrative and give it an appropriate stage. In a nod to the church, the scenery is all lit in a blue/violet light. As an ancient natural material, felt is used in combination with the solid metal floor as a way to earth it. Gossamer-light sails made from fine tulle form the skies above the landscape, and they are projected with a series animated quotes on the themes of the exhibition.

Kraftwerk Religion | Über Gott und die Menschen
Kraftwerk Religion | Über Gott und die Menschen
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