Ready? Go! The History of Sport and Technology, DASA Dortmund

Date: 03/2019 – 09/2019

Location: DASA Arbeitswelt Ausstellung, Dortmund

Client: DASA Arbeitswelt Ausstellung

Following its successful unveiling at the TECHNOSEUM in Mannheim, the special exhibition “Ready? Go! The History of Sport and Technology” has now moved to DASA in Dortmund.
The large-scale exhibition focuses on the interrelationships between sport, culture and technology, with a total of around 190 exhibits presented in an engaging and exciting way. The use of technology to measure sporting achievement is just one of many aspects explored across six chapters, which include sport & history, timekeeping, spectator sports, and athletic bodies. The exhibition also examines the shift from the original spirit of sports as a form of competition with others to the optimisation of one’s own physical body.
Other topics touched upon in the extensive exhibition include sports equipment and materials, performance measurement and the standardisation of competitions, as well as parasports and German workers’ sports.

A number of historical exhibits from the TECHNOSEUM in Mannheim also take centre stage. These include a very early stopwatch from 1840, a referee’s jersey from circa 1966, stitched by master tailor Rudolf Kreitlein – who was largely responsible for introducing red and yellow cards in football – and a high-tech swimming costume from the 2000s.
Comparative exhibits from recent sporting history, meanwhile, illustrate social changes in sport – for example, the prize for the 1989 European Championships for women’s football was a tea service, while the winner of the men’s competition one year later got 125,000 German marks.
molitor adapted and realised the architecture, design and content of the exhibition for Dortmund.

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