On the Big Screen.
German History in Feature Films

Date: 07/2016 – 03/2017

Location: Bonn, Leipzig

Client: Stiftung Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Series and feature films on the topic of German history such as ‘Holocaust’, ‘The Lives of Others’ and ‘Generation War’’ have triggered off debates and have, to some extent, deeply shaped the view of the events. The exhibition in the House of History examines how the popular conditioning of historical facts has shaped the perception of German history in the public at large and how it has sparked controversy.

molitor creates a consistent story by means of a scenographic differentiation of the information levels. The selected feature films with media stations are located in the centre of the individually themed rooms, supplemented by showcases with film posters, stills and props that have feedback boards attached to them, which display contemporary reviews and audience responses.

The historical context is conveyed by means of topical texts and illustrations along a continuous band of wall panels. Additionally, projectors and spotlights attached to cross-beams and lighting rails generate an atmosphere that resembles a studio. Then there is a film lounge with a green screen and interactive film reels which give the opportunity to have a look behind the scenes.

Pictures: © molitor / Lea Meral

molitor berlin