Mosellum – Interactive Presentation of the Koblenz Fish Ladder

Date: 12/2010 – 12/2011

Location: Mosellum, Koblenz

Client: Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion Nord, Koblenz

The Mosellum visitor centre is integrated into the new Koblenz fish ladder, which should improve both the ascent and descent for fish migrating past the dam.

The Moselle is at the centre of the exhibition. The use of the Moselle as a transport route, entailing the construction of defences, locks and power stations, resulted in changes to the natural flow of the river, which disrupted the river continuum and put the delicate ecosystem of the river in jeopardy. The visitor centre is to communicate this problem, as well as methods to solve it.

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey of discovery. Journeying along the riverbanks, they will be introduced to the geography of the Moselle, boarding the deck of a ship via a jetty, where a timeline highlights the history of the Moselle, explaining the construction of barrages and hydropower in a clear way and sensitising the visitors to the effects on the ecosystem, specifically on fish migration. Downstairs, visitors dive into the world of the fish in the Moselle with a direct view into the fish ladder.

Mosellum | Erlebniswelt Fischpass Koblenz
Mosellum | Erlebniswelt Fischpass Koblenz
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