Let it shine! Peter Rühmkorf: 90th anniversary

Date: 09/2018 – 08/2019

Location: Hamburg

Client: Arno Schmidt Stiftung

The exhibition “Let it shine! Peter Rühmkorf: 90th anniversary” is dedicated to the life and work of multiple-award-winning writer and poet Peter Rühmkorf (1929-2008). Using visual displays, rare manuscripts, photographs, and unique everyday objects, the exhibition examines the multi-faceted existence of this politically active artist. The centrepiece of the exhibition is the poetry room, where ten of Rühmkorf’s poems are literally brought to life in large-scale projections. In combination with a special selection of film footage (much of it previously unseen) that spans several decades of Rühmkorf’s jazz poetry performances, the exhibition transforms the Altonaer Museum into a completely new building.

Numerous interactive information points are distributed throughout the exhibition, each dedicated to places of significance in the poet’s life. Presenting individual phases of his work in detail, they invite visitors to examine Rühmkorf’s undoubtedly very unusual poetic concept in more depth. A fifty-square-metre wall installation uses the example of the poem “Self III/88” to illustrate Rühmkorf’s elaborate working process.
molitor was responsible for planning the layout of the exhibition and for production management, working in collaboration with Friedrich Forssman and Petra Lutz, who designed and curated the exhibition, and the Stiftung Arno Schmidt.

Photos: © Jochen Voos/molitor

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