Kongernes Jelling.
Home of the Viking Kings

Date: 10/2014 – 09/2015

Location: Jelling, Denmark

Client: ART+COM AG

Kongernes Jelling tells the family history of Gorm the Old, a Viking king, and his son Harald Bluetooth at the historic location that is seen as the birthplace of the country of Denmark. The exhibition centre takes visitors on a journey via multimedia exhibits into the mythology and mysteries surrounding the Vikings and depicts a lively picture of Viking culture on the basis of the latest research findings. The exhibition, designed by ART+COM Studios, uses innovative technologies to create multisensual experiences and offers visitors the opportunity to dive headlong into the world of the Vikings through interactive exhibits.

In addition to planning the exhibition architecture and furniture, molitor was also commissioned with overseeing production. In close cooperation with ART+COM Studios, the companies were able to find budget-compliant solutions for the technically complex staging of the exhibition. With plenty of experience in planning and implementing exhibitions, molitor forms the interface between design and completion. molitor translates concepts into precise specifications for the contractors of the individual areas, thus providing the right conditions for a seamless implementation – from constructing the exhibition to completing the wall graphics.

Pictures: © molitor / Jochen Voos

Kongernes Jelling
Kongernes Jelling
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