Festung Königstein

Date: 08/2013 – 05/2015

Location: Königsstein

Client: Festung Königstein gGmbH

molitor is producing a range of partially interactive exhibits for a permanent exhibition explaining the history of Königstein Fortress in the Saxon Switzerland area of Germany. By pointing the animal telescope at a specific picture, the visitor can find out how the Saxon electors hunted in the 17th century. A catapult from the Middle Ages, whose working mechanical parts are combined with visual animations on a screen, also invites people to get involved.

The exhibits also include eight historically researched, life-sized characters from three different centuries. They depict major, powerful figures such as Countess Orzelska, Augustus the Strong and Friedrich Wilhelm I, but also the other side of the coin, depicting an unkempt rascal racing out of the wine cellar. No less impressive are two other very realistic models depicting everyday life – an eight-metre-long, detailed horse and carriage scene depicted at a scale of 1:15 with numerous individual figures and objects, as well as a diorama at a scale of 1:30 depicting the construction of the fortress in the 16th century.

Pictures: © molitor / Martin Müller, © Matthias Hultsch

Festung Königstein
Festung Königstein
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