KIOSK – insights into the Robert Lebeck collection: a history of photographic report from 1893–1973

Date: 12/2014 – 09/2016

Location: Vogelsang

Client: Vogelsang ip gemeinützige GmbH, Kulturkino vogelsang

The Ullsteinhaus displays a selection from the history of photographic report collection by the photojournalist Robert Lebeck. Pioneering examples of press photography spanning 150 years are presented in the historic setting of what was, at the time, the largest and most modern printing house in Europe.

Using state-of-the-art exhibition technology, visitors are introduced to the glamorous history of photo journalism, which is in danger of fading from the spotlight due to the influence of digital media and social networks. molitor is designing and organising the exhibition.

Photographs: © molitor / Jochen Voos

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