Hamn – Nacka Municipal Museum (Sweden)

Date: 04/2012 – 05/2014

Location: Nacka, Sweden

Client: Nacka Kommun

In the HAMN museum, molitor is designing and implementing an exhibition about the history of the city of Nacka and a significant battle there that heralded a major shift in the Great Northern War in 1719. As an homage to its current residents and those living, working and fighting there in the 18th century, a diverse range of individual stories come together to form an overall picture of historical development.

On the one hand, the exhibition retells the story of the Battle of Nacka and aims to establish a place of cooperation and dialogue from the former war zone. In doing so, an exciting, tangible and vivid¬ depiction of history is pushed into the foreground. With the inventions and achievements that have enriched the town from the Middle Ages to this day, the museum aims to become a place to shape local people’s identity, addressing the area’s history in a comprehensive and diverse way.

Pictures: © molitor / Kyra Porada, Kirsten Lenk, Stephan Rändel, Martin Müller; © Fotoreklame Gesellschaft für Werbung FRG mbH / Robert Glöckner

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