Feengrotten Saalfeld

Date: 02/2018 – 05/2018

Location: Saalfeld

Client: Saalfelder Feengrotten und Tourismus GmbH

Numerous interactive and information stations bring the history of the former mine to life, with its colourful stalactites and unusual minerals. At Grottoneum, visitors are actively encouraged to get involved. On the one hand, specially designed models let visitors in on the secrets about what happens “below ground”. Visitors are even invited to learn what is behind the so-called Feengrotten (fairy grottos), explained in detail with intriguing exhibits;

you’ll even find out where the light in the mine used to come from. In the Grottokino (Grotto cinema), a series of films take visitors on a journey back in time, 400 million years ago. Molitor provided the illustrations for the light boxes depicting medieval professions that used alum in the broadest sense for their work. Furthermore, there is a large light box illustrating the life and work of the “humpbacked apothecary”. The diaorama shows the “Jeremias Glück” alum shale mine at around 1600.

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