Ärzte ohne Grenzen

Date: 09/2022 – 02/2022

Location: Köln

Client: Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V.

molitor has been commissioned with renewing and redesigning the existing Doctors Without Borders travelling exhibition MEDEX.
The aim is to make the exhibition clearer and more museum-like, as well as to integrate more media.
The overall design concept developed by molitor is based on a modular system, using various “building blocks” to create a structure for multiple presentations of the exhibition content.

The modular system can be successively expanded and also conveys the flexible and spontaneous nature of the work carried out by Doctors Without Borders. Contemporary design features like participatory stations are used to appeal to younger target groups (schoolchildren) in particular.
molitor is responsible for the design, planning and realisation of the project.

Fotos: ©molitorGmbH

molitor berlin