Arno Schmidt 100.
A Birthday Exhibition

Date: 06/2013 – 01/2016

Location: Bomann-Museum, Celle and Akademie der Künste, Berlin

Client: Arno Schmidt Stiftung

The exhibition to mark the 100th anniversary of Arno Schmidt’s birth is a playful look at an author who was full of contrasts and sometimes an unwieldy oeu¬v¬re. It present 100 exhibits from the life and work of the author. Starting with pairs of opposites, such as Enlightenment/Romantics, traditionalist/avant garde, pedant/fraud, etc., it highlights the biography of the author using personal objects and corresponding text fragments from his works. The exhibition designed by Friedrich Forssman was on show in the Bomann Museum Celle and was adopted by the Berlin Academy of Arts as a result of its roaring success.

In charge of the general planning, molitor is responsible for the implementation of the exhibition architecture, printing, the media and exhibit set-up by various specialist companies in line with the design concept. The showcases presenting the pairs of opposites in various ways are a particular challenge. Almost every showcase is a one-off piece, which is designed to specifically fulfil the necessary requirements for perfect presentation.

Pictures: © molitor / Benjamin Dahl, Jochen Voos; © Gerald Zörner

Arno Schmidt 100. | Eine Geburtstagsausstellung
Arno Schmidt 100. | Eine Geburtstagsausstellung
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