All about Anne

Date: 05/2018 – 11/2018

Location: Berlin

Client: Anne Frank Zentrum e. V.

Thanks to her diaries, Anne Frank’s name has gone down in history. These diaries, and the story of her life, are the focus of a new permanent exhibition. The title gives a hint at the exhibition’s comprehensive insight into her life, with a strong focus on making the history of the Holocaust personally accessible. The exhibition is also intended to be a place of learning for visitors and aims to answer the question as to how Anne Frank’s story relates to them and what it means for them. Interactive stations invite visitors to take part themselves.

The exhibition is to a large extent accessible and aimed at as wide an audience as possible. Monitors with translations into sign language, a guide system for visually impaired people and exhibition texts in simple language make it easier to understand. Various tactile models also appeal to the visitors’ different senses. molitor is responsible for the construction and production management of the exhibition conceived by design studio Franke I Steinert GbR.

Photos: © Sebastian Matthäus

molitor berlin