Agile working

Date: 03/2020 – 08/2022

Location: DASA, Dortmund

Client: Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin

DASA in Dortmund is home to Germany’s largest exhibition on the world of work. The museum comprises ten thematic areas, each focusing on different working worlds and their human-oriented design. molitor has been responsible for the redesign and planning of various parts of the permanent exhibition. The newly opened AE10 area focuses on the topics of agile working and work breaks. In the Exhibition Lab, an experimental agile working area, the focus is on unusual spaces and the creation of a stimulating working environment. Agile working means coming up with good solutions: flexibly, effectively, independently, and in a flat-hierarchy structure.
Inspiring surroundings can foster creative team work. Together with molitor, DASA has designed three workspaces where people immediately feel at home.

In future, project groups will periodically swap their offices for these specially built areas, where a transparent working environment and a change of scene will help to spur new ideas. Visitors can look over the teams’ shoulders as they work, gaining first-hand insight into how new exhibitions are created. The area also has a space dedicated to all-important work breaks, which have been proven to increase motivation and improve mood – both vital for creativity. Visitors to the informative “summer house” can learn all about the meaning and purpose of working hours and time off, while a playful area designed to evoke a mountain forest serves as a space for physical activity and discussions.

Fotos: ©molitor GmbH, Amelie Schlicht

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