1:1 Giants of the Seas

Date: 08/2007 – 08/2008

Location: Ozeaneum Stralsund

Client: Greenpeace Deutschland e.V.

In the OZEANEUM, visitors can go on an enthralling journey under the sea, from the Baltic to the Atlantic. 39 aquaria, numerous showcases and thousands of exhibits clearly communicate the biodiversity of the seas and the threats it faces, the interplay between the atmosphere and the oceans, the drivers behind the ocean currents and the extremes of the ocean depths. At the end of the tour, visitors find themselves face to face with the “monsters of the deep” in an exhibition hall. Here, whales and other mighty sea creatures are shown to scale, leaving a lasting impression of their power and elegance.

molitor is constructing the life-like models of the whales to scale – one blue whale, a female humpbacked whale with calf, an orca and a sperm whale engaged in battle with a giant squid. The models, which range between five and 26 metres in length, are suspended from the ceiling, giving the visitor the impression of being underwater and able to view the fascinating marine creatures from below. molitor will be working together with a team of sculptors, steelworkers and painters for a year to complete the models.

1:1 Riesen der Meere
1:1 Riesen der Meere
molitor berlin