SB-A 2.0 active stereo soundbar with highly linear frequency response

The active stereo soundbar SB-A 2.0 was designed for video conferences and high-quality sound reproduction in media rooms. It can be directly mounted on display screens and video walls.
The use of a digital signal processor (DSP) with multi-band limiters and the soundbar’s linear frequency response give it a wide frequency range. It also reproduces speech very clearly and precisely, and is highly resistant to overdrive.
The soundbar is activated automatically: As soon as an audio signal is available, the integrated automatic switch-on function is activated. It switches back to standby after five minutes without a signal.
For mounting directly on a display screen, we recommend using the SB-VESA bracket. This allows mounting on display screens from 40″ to 100″. Alternatively, the soundbars can be fastened directly to a wall with the WH 80 wall bracket, or in a wall panel for flush mounting.
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