RL 180 NT EVAC directional speaker for voice alarm systems

The RL 180 NT EVAC is a 2-way speaker for suspension from ceilings in rooms with long reverberation times. The proven Polar® technology produces a consistently wide dispersion angle at medium and high frequencies. The cardioid pattern effectively suppresses disruptive sound reflections from the ceiling by minimizing the amount of sound emitted backwards at low frequencies. As such, a small number of identical speakers can be used to transmit speech very evenly and clearly, even in acoustically challenging rooms.
Because of these properties, it is also certified as a loudspeaker for voice alarm systems in indoor areas in accordance with EN 54-24. The speakers are especially beneficial in public buildings with high visitor numbers: Specific instructions for action can help prevent mass panic in the event of an alarm.
For installation, the speaker can either be suspended from a ceiling or fastened to a wall or ceiling using the matching WH 180 bracket.
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