RL 110 PERZONIC® active directional speaker with automatic volume control

The RL 110 perZonic® is a directional loudspeaker with automatic volume control. It adjusts the reproduction volume according to the ambient noise. This allows it to always reach the required volume in the listening zone in situations with fluctuating audience numbers, while preventing the volume from becoming disruptive in quieter surroundings. For this purpose, a microphone on the back continuously measures the ambient noise, which is then applied as a process variable for the foreground audio. The degree of regulation can be set to anywhere from 0% to 100%, as can the attack and release times of the regulation.
This ensures maximum clarity in the listening zone and minimum disruption to personnel and visitors nearby. This makes it ideal for use in museums, exhibitions, trade shows, and areas where people circulate.
All the ports and controls are located on the back of the box, along with the mono RCA input, the power LED, and the socket for the external power supply unit. High input sensitivity of -6 dBU allows direct connection to an MP3 player or computer.
For installation, the speaker can either be suspended from a ceiling or fastened to a wall or ceiling using the L-bracket WH 110. For optimum results, the distance between the speaker and the listener should be as small as possible.
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