RL 110 Directional speaker with supercardioid pattern

  • Highly focussed compact cylindrical loudspeaker
  • Supercardioid characteristic over the entire frequency range
  • For sound reinforcement of specific listening zones with high speech intelligibility



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Product Description

The directional loudspeakers in the RL 110 series are sharply focused, compact cylindrical speakers designed for use in museums, exhibitions, and presentation spaces. Their special design with sound outlets arranged in a ring in the speaker box creates a supercardioid pattern over the entire frequency range. The RL 110 series can thus be used to project sound into targeted listening zones where speech is reproduced with outstanding clarity, while keeping sound emissions to neighboring areas to very low levels.

For installation, the speaker is either suspended from the ceiling by a steel cable, such as the SR 300, or fastened to a wall or ceiling using the rotating and pivoting WH 110 bracket. For optimum sound results, the distance between the speaker and the listener should be as small as possible.

Delivery Includes

Loudspeaker, power supply unit 15 V / 2A

Technical Data

Operating principle
full range directional speaker with supercardioid pattern, with electronic frequency response linearization

3″ full range driver

Frequency range
190 Hz–19 kHz

8 Ω

Power capacity
20 W RMS, 40 W program

Sensitivity and SPL
83 dB (1 W/1 m), max. SPL 96 dB, 100 V version: max. SPL 93 dB

Dispersion angle

d = 110 mm, L = 190 mm

1.0 kg

Fastening points
suspension point at rear, M4, with eyebolt included; lateral threaded insert, M6, for optional bracket WH 110

aluminum, front: powder-coated fine-perforation grille

screw-type terminals, pluggable

Product advisory

Warranty: 5 years