RL 110 AX-MP3 Active directional speaker with motion sensor and MP3 player

  • Directional active speaker with integrated motion sensor
  • Optional connection of external media player
  • Integrated amplifier with automatic switch-on



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Product Description

The RL 110 AX-MP3 model features an additional integrated MP3 player with Bluetooth receiver. It plays audio files from a microSD card, USB drive, via Bluetooth, or via the stereo RCA input. There is a dry contact available for control of an external media player. As with the RL 110 AX, the user can choose between four operating modes and a playback time of 1 to 1024 seconds:

PLAY ONCE: The entire audio file is played and can only be restarted once it is finished. EXTEND: Speaker activity is extended every time a new movement is detected. ONLY SPEAKER SWITCHED: The ON time of the speaker is extended every time movement is detected. The MP3 player plays the audio file in an endless loop in the background, with only the speaker being switched on and off by the motion sensor. CONTINOUS: Continuous operation.

The external media player or computer can be connected directly to the stereo RCA input. The integrated amplifier has an output of 20 watts and an automatic switch-on feature (Auto ON/OFF). All the controls, including the volume control, power LED, and jacks, are located on the back of the box.

For installation, the compact directional speaker can either be suspended directly from a ceiling or fastened to a wall or ceiling using our L-bracket WH 110.

Delivery Includes

Speaker, power supply 15V / 2A, Micro SD 4GB.

Technical Data

Operating principle
Active broadband directional speaker with supercardioid characteristic, integrated motion sensor, MP3 player, and Bluetooth receiver

3 broadband drivers

Frequency Response
190 Hz–19 kHz

Amplifier Power
20 W

Sound Pressure
max. 95 dB

Dispersion Angle

Stereo RCA input, Switch contact for external media players, Operation parallel to internal player

Volume, Auto ON/Steady ON switch, switchable high-pass filter, LED Power On; Modes switch: PLAY FILE ONCE, EXTEND PLAY, ONLY SPEAKER SWITCHED, CONTINUOUS, DIP switch for setting the trailing time (1–1024 seconds)

Input Sensitivity
-6dBU for full range, Input Impedance 10kOhm

MP3 Player
Plays MP3 or Wave files from Micro SD, USB, or via Bluetooth; Priority 1 = Micro SD, Priority 2 = USB, Priority 3 = Bluetooth

Power Supply
15V DC plug-in power supply included

Supply Voltage
90–240 V AC

Ø = 110mm, L = 190mm

1.4 kg

Mounting Points
Rear suspension point M4 incl. eye bolt, side M6 threaded insert for optional bracket WH 110

Aluminum, front perforated sheet metal, powder-coated

Product advisory

Warranty: 5 years