RL 110 A-MP3 active directional speaker with MP03 player

The RL 110 A-MP3 model comes with an additional integrated MP3 player with Bluetooth receiver. The MP3 player plays audio files from a microSD card, USB drives, or via a Bluetooth connection. It automatically switches between the signal sources. In addition to the internal MP3 player, an external media player or computer can also be connected to the stereo RCA input.
All the necessary ports and controls are located on the back of the box. These are the stereo RCA input jacks, the DIP switch for auto ON/steady ON and 150 Hz high-pass filter, the volume control, the power LED, and the socket for the external power supply unit.
For installation, the compact speaker can either be suspended directly from a ceiling or fastened to a wall or ceiling using the L-bracket WH 110. For optimum sound results, the distance between the speaker and the listener should be as small as possible.
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