MUSE Multimedia cocoon chair

  • Comfortable cocoon chair with integrated speakers and media technology
  • Spatial separation without complete partitioning
  • Customisable technology and colour


Product Description

The multimedia cocoon chair MUSE creates a space for relaxation, concentration and retreat, while also inviting visitors to sit back and listen to audio and music with its integrated loudspeakers and media technology.
Its basic function is that of a comfortable cocoon chair, which achieves a high degree of separation from the outside world without leaving the user completely cut off; an open front ensures eye contact with surrounding people and participation in events going on outside the chair are still maintained.
The handcrafted cushions provide a high level of seating comfort. They can also be easily removed and cleaned, allowing the chair to be used even in places with high visitor numbers. When selecting the fabric, attention was paid to low susceptibility to dirt, high resistance to abrasion, and colour fastness. Thanks to the wide choice of colours for the interior and exterior covers, our MUSE chair can be individually designed to fit in with its surroundings. The supporting base frame is made of curved flat steel and is available either powder-coated or chrome-plated as standard.
The technology inside the chair is optimally set up: hidden integrated speakers are arranged in a “stereo triangle” to provide a balanced listening experience, while acoustic insulation elements ensure optimal audio quality inside the chair and mean that very little sound penetrates to the outside. An LED panel in the ceiling area, meanwhile, provides atmospheric lighting.

All the media technology is controlled by a swivel-mounted touchscreen, the interface and content of which can be designed and configured as desired.

The versatile cocoon chair is available in a number of different versions and is manufactured according to individual needs and wishes – which applies to both the colour of the fabrics and the technical equipment. For example, the entire chair can be upholstered with or without any additional technology. Optional extras include a circular panel in the ceiling area, which provides atmospheric lighting that is synchronised with the audio playback, as well as bass speakers installed under the seat for more structure-borne sound.

Our MUSE chair is made to order. Customers can pick and choose from a range of options to design a solution that is tailor-made to their needs.

Delivery Includes

MUSE chair with integrated speakers, touch display, audio amplifier and media player

Technical Data

Chair dimensions without monitor: 105.8 × 102.1 × 172.4 cm (D × W × H)
Control monitor display: 10″
Weight: Approx. 120 kg


Exterior fabric PONTI
Interior fabric GAVI

Exterior fabric: Manufacturer: Delius; flame retardancy: DIN 4102/B1; abrasion resistance (Martindale): approx. 30,000 cycles
Interior fabric: Manufacturer: Delius; flame retardancy: DIN 4102/B1; abrasion resistance (Martindale): approx. 80,000 cycles

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